Posting Rules

Please read this before posting a comment.

This is a fan club place. A fan club place means that it’s a place we enjoy visiting because we LOVE the personalities that are being talked about, not hate them or say negative things about them.

This blog is moderated. It means:
- NO sexual or fantasy comments (including double meaning terms)
- NO derogatory names or terms toward the personalities or other visitors
- NO inappropriate or irrelevant comments or words

Your comment may take a while before being posted.

Comments that are intended (or have a high potential) to provoke others or to create a confrontation will not be posted. Those comments are always irrelevant anyway.

Comments I suspect that are intended to disturb the blog or are maliciously hiding something bad that is said in a way to look okay will not be posted.

The personalities are not "babes", "delicious" or any kind of terms like that. They are ladies. Those terms are irrelevant as well as derogatory.

Whether or not a personality had some "work" done or implants is a personal matter to them so please don't make any comments about that.  No need to say anything.  We can see.

And please no comments about the breasts either.  Again, there's no need to say anything.  We can see.  There are much more other significant things we can say about the personalities other than that.

Don't mention it if you don't like a set. You may not like a particular set but lots of other visitors will like it and vice-versa. It's simply a question of taste.

It's okay not to have the same opinions as others but there's always a way to say things in an acceptable manner that will not hurt anyone.

Since comments can’t be edited, a comment may be great in general but will not be posted just because of an offensive remark or something inappropriate in it.

Admins always knows lots of information that no one else knows about so that may affect whether or not a comment will be posted. A comment may look okay at first sight but may not be posted because it would open a can of worms that only the admins knows about so don’t be offended if your comment is not posted. It happened to me on other forums and now I know why.

Very rarely, already posted comments may also be deleted and of course there's always a very good reason behind that but this is exceptional.

Under very special circumstances, your comment may be edited then posted afterward as a new comment instead of not being posted at all but this is exceptional.

Once in a while, for different reasons, it will not be possible to post comments as Anonymous or exceptionally not be able to post comments at all.

Redundant comments will most likely not be posted because it's already been said. There's a limit to the number of times the same type of comment may be said.

I know for a fact that a high percentage of TSC personalities are visiting the blog so you can understand that I have to take that into great consideration.

And finally, remember that you are never as anonymous as you think you are when posting something on any blogs, forums or websites on the planet.