Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and encouragement you wrote to me since the beginning of the blog! I truly appreciate it!  And the comments don’t come exclusively from Canada but also from other countries as well (USA, England, Germany, etc.)!

Before asking me a question by email (, take a look at some of the questions that were frequently sent to me. You may find the answer your looking for.

Question: When are you going to post some pictures of {personality name} from {a given date} show?

Answer: I don’t know!  I may not have the video about that personality at that particular date in the first place.  And also, I probably already planned to post several other sets before this one.

If I recently posted another set about that personality, chances are great that I will keep the video in “storage” and post some vidcaps about it in the following days or weeks to come.

And if a personality was wearing the same outfit as the one she wore in a set I’ve already posted in the last month or so, I may decide not to create a set after all and delete the video.

Question: Why don’t you post more pictures of {personality name}?

Answer: In 2008-2009, it was quite easy to post almost the same number of sets for each personality (except for the guests) because the schedule was pretty stable and everyone had pretty much the same airtime.

But since the beginning of 2010, it’s impossible to do that because the schedule is very unpredictable. We may see a personality several days in a row and then disappear for several days and even weeks sometimes.  And a number of new models also emerged since the beginning of 2010 and that unbalanced even more the airtime of the models.

And for the guests, depending on the product they sell and some other things like contractual stuff, some guests will appear almost every two weeks while others will appear only one day a month, one day every two months, etc.

So, I decided that the best thing to do is to “go with the flow” without thinking much about balancing the same number of sets for each personality because that would be impossible to do for all the reasons mentioned above.

Question: Can you send me some pictures or videos about {personality name} by email?

Answer: I do not send special requests or anything by email.  All my work is public.

Question: Can you provide a full video of {a particular show}?

Answer: This is out of the question for two reasons.  First of all, it’s illegal by law to post or provide full shows (more than 10 minutes I think) and secondly, a one hour show takes about 1.6 GB of disk space so I would not post that anyway even if it was legal to do so because of the huge bandwidth and the time (in hours) it would take to post only one full show.

Once a set have been posted, everything is deleted and all that's left are the vidcaps and the videos for that set so it's useless to ask me for more material about a set that's already been posted.

Question: Why don’t you post your videos on YouTube?

Answer: Because I already have a place to post my videos and it’s right here on the blog.  As I said before, if I wanted to be popular, I’d post them on YouTube and I would create a Facebook page.  I simply do this as a fun hobby.

Question: Can I post your videos on YouTube?

Answer: NO!  Why would you do that in the first place since it’s not your work?  All the material (pictures and videos) found on the blog is copyrighted to me because it’s my own work.  You have the right to download everything you want on your computer just for yourself and that’s it.

The only exceptions are the personalities themselves because they’re directly concerned by my work and therefore I give them the right to post my material on their personal blogs, websites, Facebook, etc.

Question: Your blog’s name is “Canadian” and yet lots of the guests are not Canadian. Why?

Answer: If I only posted material about Canadian guests, the guests list would probably be short because the guests comes from all around the world.   And secondly, in several cases, I have no way to know if a guest is really Canadian so I decided to include all the regular guests at TSC no matter their nationality.

Question: Can you post more close-ups of the models?

Answer: The only time I can make good close-ups of the models is when they’re modeling jewellery.  Other than that, it’s often impossible because they rarely do close-ups of the models and when they do, most of the time it’s only for a second or two and the camera is always moving so the pictures will be blurred.