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Welcome to the Canadian Shopping Channel Gallery Tribute Blog!

This blog is a place to primarily view galleries of pictures and discuss anything about all the lovely ladies (and now also the men) we enjoy watching everyday on the Canadian Shopping Channel.  It's a tribute to their beauty, elegance and talent!

Posting Rules
Before posting a comment, please read the Posting Rules.

Adult content materials
In older posts (before 2011), you will be asked to click on a link to show the picture (you will only have to do this once) and you will see several explicit adult materials as publicity. I have nothing to do with this and I resent that deeply.

Better download the videos soon
If you want the video about a particular set, better download it sooner than later because the videos on MediaFire will eventually be deleted by them if they are not downloaded a single time for a whole year or so. There is, of course, no problem with the sets that were posted less than a year ago.

Missing pictures with ImageBam
Sometimes, it's said that a gallery contains 10 pictures but only 9 of them are showing.  This is an ImageBam glitch (site overload, material or software failure, etc.) and it's mostly temporary.  The first thing to do is to wait several seconds and the missing pictures will eventually load.  If not then try to reload the page (CTRL-F5 for PC users) and this should solve the problem.

Trouble when viewing the videos?
Unless otherwise mentioned, all the videos on this blog are saved in standard MPEG2 format (720x480).

99% of all the users with a healthy computer will be able to view the videos without any problem but if it's not the case for some reasons, one of the best (if not the best), most versatile and free video viewer for all operating systems is VLC media player. You can download it by clicking here.  You will be able to select your operating system afterward (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.).

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